Day 5: Thank you for being a part of this moment – Now let's build a movement.

Welcome to 5th and final day of Budget Equity Week!

We’re still synthesizing everything that we heard from you this week, but we are so appreciative that so many of you took the time to engage with us. From survey responses to the forum on Tuesday to social media, we feel all the more certain we are in agreement that the BPS budget needs a hard reset.

62% of you asked for a full time nurse, 51% asked for more arts instruction, 42% of you asked for more social emotional support, 37% of you asked for a librarian, and on and on. We are heartened by your commitment to improving our public schools; we are heartbroken that your humble requests for basic educational essentials are ignored by those in power year after year.

Today we have another simple request. Spread the word about the Boston Coalition for Education Equity. Ask your friends and families to follow our Facebook page and our Twitter account. Make a commitment to come to our next event of April 9th with Progressive West Roxbury/Roslindale – and bring 5 friends!

Together we have made a moment – now let’s go build a movement.