Our 2019 City Council Candidate Questionnaire responses are in!

BCEE believes in the power of well-informed citizens to advocate for education policies that reflect their values. We also believe that this year’s City Council election could mark a major turning point for those seeking change in Boston’s Public Schools.

With such a broad array of candidates running for election, we have a unique opportunity to elect a City Council who will fight for equitable funding, decision-making and access to opportunities in our public schools. So, it’s more important than ever that we know where the people we elect to represent us will stand on education issues. That’s why we designed this questionnaire.

We were delighted and grateful that 29 candidates took the time to send us thoughtful responses to a variety of questions on funding, access, governance and policy issues facing BPS—we were even more excited to see that the vast majority of candidates are willing to advocate for policies with the power to advance educational equity in Boston. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself!

There are two ways that you can explore the questionnaire responses:

View all of the questions on our 2019 City Council Candidate Questionnaire. Click on a question to see how all 29 candidates who returned a Questionnaire responded on each one.

View a full list of all candidates running for Boston City Council in 2019, including unopposed incumbents. Click on a candidate’s name to see all of their answers on the questionnaire. Candidates who did not return a questionnaire are also listed here.