Day 3: Boston School Committee Budget Hearing

Welcome to Day 3 of Budget Equity Week!

We’ve been talking all week about the way things are vs. the way things should be in Boston Public Schools. Right now our schools are making difficult budget choices: Keep the reading specialist -or- the librarian. Reduce art instruction -or- eliminate valuable partnerships.

Our children deserve more. Our city deserves more. You deserve more.

So tonight: we want you to come with us the Boston School Committee Budget Hearing at 5pm in the Bolling Building to ask for a fully funded quality education for ALL students. Meet us at the Bolling Building lobby at 4:30pm. Speaking is not a requirement, but if you would like to speak at School Committee Hearing call (617) 635-9014 or send an email to You may also sign up when you arrive at the Bolling Building. RSVP here.

To get inspired, watch this video from former BPS principal and current Brookline School Committee member Suzanne Federspiel talking about the stark differences between Brookline and Boston Public Schools. Watch this. Dream bigger. Speak your truth. Be the change.